A Goaltenders Personal Set-Crouch / Ready Position Copy

A Goaltenders Personal Set-Crouch / Ready Position  Copy

What is a personal set crouch or ready position. This will be examined as we move forward through the “Personal Set Crouch Development Series” in our video library.

We have witnessed Goaltending stances change dramatically over the last decade and a half. It would seem like a cookie-cutter approach has been taken and accepted without challenge.

Feet spread wide apart, upper body bent forward from the waist putting added pressure on the goalies toes, affecting balance. The catching glove has gone from central location to a more aggressive upper location taking the top corner from the shooter. We definitely see this catching glove placement as a strategy but not as an overall appropriate position for many reasons to be explored at Smarter Goalie. The stick placement also plays a vital part in balance and coordination of the set crouch in motion or in stationary reaction. 

The goaltenders personal set crouch is one that ultimately allows for fluid motion in a central crouch level, higher levels or lower stance levels with the weight distribution understood when leaning to one side or the other.

Developing your personal set crouch takes you into the areas of athletic excellence. Being a good athlete means understanding your body mechanics and achieving control of every move or execution without losing your balance. 

It might sound complicated but it’s really quite simple. Developing the goaltenders athletic ability is key to making the second, third or fourth save. Anyone can stop the first shot; it’s the second, third, fourth or fifth shot that separates us from the rest.

It’s basically a sense of the athletic you and the ability to execute coordinated sequences without losing your technical control.