Toronto is the mecca of hockey. As a young goaltender l was to learn no one really understood this complex position. Sure everyone had advice or tid bites but on the whole lacked any real substance. I read all the books, of the day, and learnt even the pros haven’t figured it out or had fragmented or limited approaches to explaining this position.

The statement l would hear was, goalies develop late, late twenties was the sentiment. Actually that was when they finally felt some assemblance of understanding about the position. I was determined to figure out what each goalie brought to the table and teach myself. There where stand-up, reflex, double stack, poke check, butterfly, floppers, goalies who couldn’t skate and goalies who had no positional game.

In most cases, it boiled down to athletics. Goalies received no education in my day and only since the 90’s has goaltending instruction become what it is today. Before the 90’s we goalies flew by the seat of our pants, and today’s goalies are getting instruction but in most cases, limited or fragmented approaches to the position. In fact, most teach a 6 foot mans game to our youth who barely have their head above the cross bar. Today everyone can teach goaltending and in reality very few can give you a comprehensive, or in depth look at this position.

Today we are surrounded by an exclusive butterfly approach schools that have taken this position and attempted to convince everyone that going down on every shot is the way to go, thus creating what I call butterfly floppers. They are everywhere. Programmed and/or conditioned by their chosen instructor or schools philosophy to over react, over anticipate, and use techniques that seemly fall in to desperation mode. In Toronto l’m surrounded by such schools, delivering a limited approach and taking the athletics out of the position.

2010 Goalies weren’t required to win a Stanley Cup, NHL managers felt they didn’t need goaltender’s to win the Stanley Cup. 2011 Athletic Goalie (Thomas) meets predictable butterfly goalie (Louongo). NHL managers change their collective tune and recognize they need and want athletic goalies.Even at the professional level they still don’t get it. We are collectively going to change that!!

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Smarter Goalie looks at the past, present, and future of goaltending. Footage from the National Hockey League, examining what has changed, improved, been gained or lost. From the equipment to the style of play, from the untrained goalie of the past to today’s teaching approaches. These, plus, many more questions will be answered in this much-anticipated series. Grab your notebooks and watch along to learn about the evolution of the goaltender!