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A Goaltenders Personal Set-Crouch / Ready Position

What is a personal set crouch or ready position. This will be examined as we move forward through the “Personal Set Crouch Development Series” in our video library. We have witnessed Goaltending stances change dramatically over the last decade and a half. It would seem like a cookie-cutter approach has been taken and accepted without.

Designated training versus random shooting

Probably the most neglected aspect of goaltending when it comes to team practices and what we term at Smarter Goalie as “designated training”. Coaches will tell us we take hundreds of shots on their goalies in practice. Now we do applaud the effort, but in retrospect, these are all random shots. Every shooter attacks the.

Nutrition and sports performance:
What young athletes should eat to perform their best

How eating a healthy, balanced diet may boost athletic performance Many families already know the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. But if your child or teen is an athlete performing at a high level on a regular basis, you may have additional concerns about their nutrition and dietary needs. Noel Williams, registered dietitian.