The custom program is for those who have a mission in mind and that is become the best goaltender they can be. To this end it requires a person taking this challenge on to also excel in their academic life and in their personal life.

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Today we still find with goaltending education that team practices are often a waste of time.  See Article on “Team Practices” Click Here

They range from very weak to very limited in course design. Teams attempt to show their concern by having a training budget parents can use or for which the team uses to bring in a goalie coach.

Anything is better then nothing but when you don’t understand the position of goaltending how does the team or parent know the program they have chosen is going to deliver?

Smarter Goalie has you covered. We are focused on raising the bar with our “Grassroots Program” and Proven Teaching Curriculums to support your goalie, team, goalie coach and organization. 

Explore and investigate our website. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or thoughts. 

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