Routine 1.

  1. Place a puck between the goaltender skates directly under the crotch area.
  2. The goaltender will assume a ready position.
  3. Using the command “ start your engines“ The goaltender will commence building up snow.
  4. Have the goaltender stop on your command.
  5. Have the goaltender lift the stick up off the ice end gently slide backwards without disturbing the snow created by the left and right toe blade pressure.
  6. Performed correctly the goaltender will recognize the snow piles created from the outside and the inside edge total pressure.
  7. Find a new spot to repeat or 

Of course there might be some initial balance and structural issues but they will soon be alleviated as the goaltender begins to self monitor and correct.

(Videotape the activity from the side view, front view and a rear view. Any structural issues will be instantly recognized and the goaltenders following attempt will elevate the athletic process of self-evaluation and correction/adjustment development.)