Welcome Goalie Coaches

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Goalie coaches are a special breed. You bring a passion and genuine love for being and teaching goaltending. At smarter goalie we share this with you.

Smarter goalie consists of some of the first wave of goaltending instructors in our industry. The collective knowledge base covers five decades of goaltending analysis and program development. We understand a teachers role is to make judgements about how best to help their students learn in the environment in which they teach. Using a lesson plan to facilitate student learning, and providing a course of study which is called the curriculum. 

Teaching goaltending requires the teacher to wear many hats. At smarter goalie we have worn all the hats, experienced all the pitfalls, created and delivered comprehensive materials and technologies on the subject of goaltending.

In the pursuit of excellence and in the continued spirit of learning, this website offers you a portal into support systems designed to take your business model where you desire today and tomorrow. 

Smarter goalie welcomes you to dig a little deeper and give us some feedback.