ROOKIE – The Fundamentals


This program is for any age from youth to Adult. The development of the fundamentals in any sport is a key cornerstone to success.

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This program is for any age from youth to Adult. The development of the fundamentals in any sport is a key cornerstone to success.

Program Elements:

  • Video Analysis of game, practice and prescribed actions we request to begin “Students Baseline Profile”. This gives us a running start on the students knowledge and skill level currently.
  • Questionnaires and video content for student analysis is provided to gain further knowledge perspective of the student.
  • Mind-Set Introduction Program.
  • Skating Curriculum Introduction Program.
  • 7 Angel-Marker System – Intro Program. The Goaltenders Positional System – GPS.
  • 7 Point System – Intro Program.  A Strategic – Tactical System on playing the puck below the icing line.
  • Form Introduction & Development Program.
  • Online course.
  • On Ice Program.
  • Your Goalie Coach Support System.
  • Development of personal “Baseline Introduction and Development Program”.
  • Seasonal Game Charting Program
  • Basic Practice Video Program.
  • Basic Mentorship Program.
  • Basic 5 Game Video Evaluation Program.
  • Off Season and Preseason Upgrade available at Membership Discounts