Routine 1. Elevated Stance – Left Power Leg Inside Edge Toe Work

Designate placement of the right skate on a specific spot (use ice marker). The right leg will rotate on this spot coordinating with left power leg use. Instructors will identify when the stationary power leg is not in sync with the left power leg.

Attention to Stick placement, catching glove placement, upper body posture and visual placement is critical in elevating and mastering athletic disciplines.

  • Begin in the starting position with having the goaltender upper body elevated in an upright position with attention to systematically addressing the stick placement, catching glove placement and visual placement.
  • Place left power leg foot/skate into a power position, heel out toe in, putting inside edge toe work into activation position.
  • Direct goaltender to begin c-cut, slow and rhythmic, gradually picking up speed and stopping on your direction. Attempt to have goaltender complete 2 rotations, when possible.
  • Repeat 2x