Today’s teaching approaches

To suggest there is only one approach to teaching goaltending would be ludicrous. The game,and the position of goaltending has come a long way in equipment design to the training of goaltenders.

It was once upon a time just a stand up position, goalies could not go down.

The game advanced and goaltending began to advance with it. Goaltenders were now having to rely on more reflex. 

There were combination standup-skate save goaltenders, stand up-butterfly goaltenders, they double stacked the pads, poke checked everything that moved and the beloved floppers of the day who have become today’s butterfly-floppers.

The goaltending pendulum had apparently swung too far. From one extreme to another. But we are happy to announce the pendulum is beginning to swing back, a correction needed to advance today’s goaltenders in today’s game.

The days of teaching a 6 foot man’s game to our youth is coming to an end. The days of having the exaggerated stance where the legs are so far apart the athletic ability depreciates and the predictability factor goes way up, is changing.

Smarter goalie will look at the teaching approaches from yesterday and today, examining the way forward in this dynamic position.